Wentzville’s Own Cecil Whittaker’s Pizzeria is Finally Here!

We all know that feeling of a rumbling stomach. The moment when you realize you went from having a pleasantly empty belly, to now wanting to devour anything in sight. We know and understand this feeling, and are here to provide a treatment — Cecil Whittaker’s Pizzeria! No matter if you’re slightly hungry or experiencing the terrible sensation of a mumbling, grumbling stomach, our pizzeria is here to offer you mouth-watering Italian cuisine options. At Cecil Whittaker’s, we sell a one-of-a-kind pizza menu that is sure to cure your aching belly. One bite of our steaming pizza and you will realize that you made the right meal choice.


Delicious Pizza in Wentzville

Since 1983, Cecil Whittaker’s Pizzeria has been serving residents in St. Louis, Missouri. We began our business in South County, St.Louis, but we are now proud to say we have spread our brand and food to reach out to Wentzville!
Since our beginning, we have made many changes to our menu, expanding our specialties to include sandwiches, pasta, chicken wings, and so much more. You will never feel restricted by your dietary needs at our restaurant, specifically because we have such a diverse selection of menu items.
The aroma of our pizza is capturing, and the taste of our fresh ingredients provide an unforgettable eating experience. If you’re the victim of a rumbling stomach, Cecil Whittaker’s has something fresh and ready for you to eat!

Pizza Delivery

Believe it or not, but pizza delivery is only slightly younger than the telephone. According to history, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, whereas the first pizza delivery took place in 1889. The delivery was to the royals, King Umberto and Queen Margherita of Italy. To honor the Queen, the most famous pizza chef in Italy, Raffaele Esposito named one of this creations after her, which came to be known as the margarita pizza.
Pizza delivery was reserved mainly for the rich and royal of Italy until World War II. After the war, soldiers brought back an appetite for Italian pizza, and thus created a new demand for it in their home countries.
Pizza delivery has come a long way, especially with the advancements in modern computerized technology. Today, ordering a pizza and having it delivered is as easy as a few clicks of a mouse. Cecil Whittaker’s has a superb delivery system that can get you your order almost immediately. If you want hot and ready pizza delivered to your house, don’t be shy, call or order your meal online!

Pizza Deals in Wentzville

Great pizza tastes better when you get a deal on it. That is why at Cecil Whittaker’s, we have a special deals running almost every day of the week. Our goal is to offer our customers a one-of-a-kind meal, for a price that they can appreciate.

Cecil Whittaker’s Pizzeria

Cecil Whittaker’s has over 25 different locations, but we are exceedingly happy to finally open a restaurant in Wentzville. If you currently live in Wentzville and are craving a cheesy, savory masterpiece, contact our business. And, if calling on the phone is not what you had in mind, order online or walk into one of our locations. We are excited to join the Wentzville neighborhood, and even more thrilled to share our food with more people!