Want Some Za?

Pizza is arguably one of the greatest culinary masterpieces of our species. Pizza is the combination of warm dough, fresh cheese, meat, vegetables and sauce. One of the best aspects of this miracle food is that it is completely customizable and adaptable to where it is being made. For example, a pizza in New York will taste different than one made in Chicago or St. Louis. Best of all, pizza is a delicious meal that is typically low in price and rates highly in customer satisfaction.
As one of the top American foods, almost every citizen has bitten down on a piece of a scrumptious pizza. As it is one of the most popular meals to eat in America, it has developed many names and even created a new form of slang terms. In this blog series, we will discuss the different forms of pizza slang and tell you about one of the best places to get St. Louis style pizza: Cecil Whittaker’s.

Pizza and Za

Recently, millennial and generation ‘Z’ people have developed a new name for pizza. Pizza has collected many different names from a pie to ‘Za’. Za is the shortened abbreviation for the word pizza and has gained severe popularity in the past six months. But why? Well, college students have recently made it a trending word, so much so, the Saturday Night Live even nodded to the word in one of their sketches. Za is a recognized phrase to represent pizza and has given the food a boost in popularity around the nation. No matter what you call it, however, it doesn’t affect the quality or taste of our pizza


In any pizza parlor, you might have heard the term ‘coastline.’ However, if you are living in St. Louis, this may be a little curious, as the nearest coastline is at least a hundred miles away. If you hear this term thrown around in a pizza restaurant, it means the exposed bit of sauce in between the end of the cheese and the beginning of the crust.



An ‘avalanche’ is a term that refers to the action of somebody picking of a slice of pizza and all the toppings slide off. An avalanche is the result of someone taking the pizza when it is still too hot. The cheese on a pizza is extremely important when it comes to holding together the contents of a pizza. If the slice is too hot, all of your beloved toppings will comes sliding off!


The ‘bones’ refer to the leftover pieces of crust that are usually discarded on a plate or the pizza delivery box. Though the whole pizza can be enjoyed, some people don’t want to eat the extra pieces of breading and leave the crusts half-eaten.

Cecil Whittaker’s

At Cecil Whittaker’s Pizzeria, we make authentic St. Louis-style pies. If you are craving a slice, take a look at our official Cecil Whittaker’s menu. There, you will be able to see classic pizza favorites, as well as pasta, salads, chicken wings, and other delicious options. Whether you are hungry for Za as a lunch special or an order over-the-phone dinner, Cecil Whittaker’s is here for you!