1. Order Pizza for Your Party Part 2

    Why is Pizza A Great Party Food? As Americans, we have a loving bond with pizza. Perhaps it is because of the cheesy deliciousness of the pizza or the crunchy, chewy nature of the crust, but we sure do love this type of food! In fact, in America, we eat almost 100 acres of pizza daily. So, what is i…Read More

  2. Order Pizza for Your Party Part 1

    Why Pizza is the Best Party Food Everyone knows that moment when you are having a great time at a party and then your stomach growls. As one of the most annoying sounds on the planet -- we are convinced, at least -- it is horrifying when you are hungry and your stomach decides to make a large, gurgl…Read More

  3. Pizza and ‘Za’: Modern Slang of Pizza Part 1

    Want Some Za? Pizza is arguably one of the greatest culinary masterpieces of our species. Pizza is the combination of warm dough, fresh cheese, meat, vegetables and sauce. One of the best aspects of this miracle food is that it is completely customizable and adaptable to where it is being made. For …Read More

  4. Welcome to Cecil Whittaker’s Pizzeria!

    Wentzville’s Own Cecil Whittaker’s Pizzeria is Finally Here! We all know that feeling of a rumbling stomach. The moment when you realize you went from having a pleasantly empty belly, to now wanting to devour anything in sight. We know and understand this feeling, and are here to provide a treat…Read More