Why is Pizza A Great Party Food?

As Americans, we have a loving bond with pizza. Perhaps it is because of the cheesy deliciousness of the pizza or the crunchy, chewy nature of the crust, but we sure do love this type of food! In fact, in America, we eat almost 100 acres of pizza daily. So, what is it that makes this food so popular? Why is it consistently one of America’s most eaten meals? Well, we believe the reason can be due to the fact that pizza is an excellent food-choice for large families and parties. For instance, in our first blog, we discussed how pizza is a wonderful finger food to have at any social gathering. We also mentioned that pizza is an adaptable meal option, as it can be changed to satisfy allergies, vegans, and vegetarians.
In the second part of this series, we will continue to list off some of the reasons pizza is such an excellent food-choice for a party.

Feed an Army

Pizza is an advantageous food option because it typically will come in multiple sizes and pieces. For example, some pizzerias will offer different sizes of their pizzas. The size will typically determine how many people you would like to feed. For large families or party events, you will want to order a large or extra-large pizza. Most large pizzas will feature about eight slices of pizza. However, depending on where you get the pizza and what style it is, you may get even more slices. For instance, thin-crust pizza can sometimes be cut up to 16 slices! So, if you are ever having a large party, large or extra-large pizzas are a great option.

Pizza Deals

When you are having a party, pizza is definitely an easy food option. Aside from having multiple slices, pizzerias will often have pizza deals that make getting large quantities of pizza easier. It is standard in America, that if you buy one large pizza, there will be some added saving if you get a second box of pizza in the same size. This, of course, if a huge benefit to party hosts because it means there will be more pizza for less money.
Pizza is remarkably affordable. Depending on the quality and style of the pizza you get, you will most likely never pay more than $20 for your pie. Because pizza is so affordable, many adolescent parties will always feature some sort of pizza.

You Can Eat is Cold or Hot

Pizza is extremely versatile and is one of the only foods that are just as good cold as they are hot. Pizza is also a durable food, meaning you can keep it stored in your refrigerator for days and it will not lose any of its delicious flavors.

Cecil Whittaker’s Pizzeria

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