Why Pizza is the Best Party Food

Everyone knows that moment when you are having a great time at a party and then your stomach growls. As one of the most annoying sounds on the planet — we are convinced, at least — it is horrifying when you are hungry and your stomach decides to make a large, gurgling sound.
Imagine it, you are having the time of your life, being social, and chatting up with some of your closest friends; then, your stomach makes this monster-like roar. What’s worse is, at a party, your hunger sometimes feels like it is 10 times worse than normal. When you are hungry, you can get irritated quickly, which can ruin your party-mood.
So, what do you do to remedy this irksome situation? Well, if you are like most of the world, you will crave a delicious slice of pizza. That’s right! Pizza lovers aren’t restricted to just the borders of the good ol’ USA! Around the globe, people have enjoyed ordering pizza for their parties for years. But, why? What does a triangle-shaped piece of dough, cheese, and tomato sauce have to offer at a social function? In this blog, we will discuss why pizza is such a desirable party food and why if you are having a party, you should order pizza online or over the phone from Cecil Whittaker’s Pizzeria!

The Best Hand-Held Device

In today’s modern age, our lives are dominated by electronic hand-held devices. Each item, from your cell phone to your ipad, plays a role to connect, inform, or entertain you. However, there is another hand-held device that we deem the best: a pizza slice. A pizza slice is a device that quiets your rumbling stomach, normalizes your mood, and improves any party significantly. Though having a connection to social platforms is definitely important in your life, satiating hunger is considerably more important on anyone’s priority list.
Part of the reason pizza is such a popular party food is because it can be eaten with your hands. Eating this type of food is as simple as picking up a slice and chewing your way to the crust. Hand-foods are perfect for social parties because they are typically easy to handle and eat. Pizza is by far the most popular party food because it can easily be carried around with one hand. Pizza also allows party-goers the ability to multi-task, such as talk, eat, walk around, and sip on something cold and refreshing.

Down-right Delicious

The reason why so many people order pizza for their parties is because it is so down-right delicious! Pizza has all the makings of greatness: soft dough, creamy cheese, savory tomato sauce, and any other topping you can think of. Pizza comes in so many shapes, sizes, and styles that it is considered one of the most adaptable foods in existence. Whether you have guests that are meat lovers, vegetarians, gluten-free, or even just picky eaters– pizza will never disappoint. Today, pizza flavors and styles come in a variety of options, such as gluten-free, lactose-free, and even vegan-friendly.
It is hard to go wrong with this food option. Pizza is, and forever will be, the king of party food. No matter your dietary needs, a slice of hot or cold pizza is always an enticing option.

Cecil Whittaker’s Pizzeria

At Cecil Whittaker’s Pizzeria, we are dedicated to providing the people of Wentzville, MO with the best Italian dishes. So, no matter if you are having a small gathering, a raging party, or are a party of one, our pizza is sure to satisfy. Contact us today for your Cecil Whittaker’s pizza delivery!