It all started in 1983 when the first Cecil Whittaker’s Pizza opened in South County, St. Louis. Even though back then it was a small restaurant with a limited menu, the owners saw the demand for St. Louis-style pizza and met it with enthusiasm and superior ingredients. Originally, the pizza menu was restricted to — just as our title suggests — pizza. With only a few options of pizza and side salads, you would think success would be limited. But in fact, our pizza was in such high demand, that customers wanted to see what other delicious creations we could come up with. Because of this desire, paired with our passion for Italian cuisine, we added several new items to our original pizza menu, such as a diverse selection of pastas, sandwiches, chicken wings, and other appetizers. From this collection of unique foods, we were then able to create our full menu that you can enjoy today.

The Owners

Longtime friends and business partners, Drew Taylor and Jon Plawsky, operate the Wentzville location and are thrilled to offer the finest pizza the city has to offer. Both were born and raised in West St. Louis, and they both remained in Missouri for college. With a thorough understanding of what sets St. Louis-style pizza above the rest, they have every intention of continuing the excellent service and food quality of food carried by the Whittaker name for decades. Matched with their passion for the fine state of Missouri, both Taylor and Plawsky look forward to providing residents with their favorite Italian foods.

At Cecil Whittaker’s Pizza, our mission is to provide customers the highest-quality food items available at affordable prices — all without sacrificing our superior level of service. With affordable prices and incredible food, we hope to create frequent, loyal customers who appreciate excellent pizza, as well as Italian cuisine in general. With our Wentzville Cecil Whittaker’s grand opening, we have a lot to share. So, by all means, stop by our pizzeria for a dining experience, a pickup order, or call for a pizza delivery. Our staff and our owners are excited to bring the tastes and aromas of Cecil Whittaker’s Pizza to Wentzville. If you want a delicious food option that is affordable, diet friendly, and completely customizable, contact us today.

We want to share our passion for great food with people we know will appreciate it. If you are interested, stop by our new Wentzville location today!